Partition of the genotype x environment interaction variance in effects explained by molecular markers and deviations.

 Heyder Diniz SILVA[1]


Glauce Cristina Ricardo RUMIN2



§    ABSTRACT: One of the problems found in the QTL analysis refer to the QTL x environment interaction. We consider this aspect by partitioning the genotype x environment interaction variance in components explained by the molecular markers and deviations. This alowed estimating the proportion of the genetic variance (pm), and genotype x environment variance (pms), explained by the markers.These estimators are not affected by deviations of allelic frequencies of the markers in relation to the expected values (1:2:1 in a F2 generation, 1:1 in a backcross, etc). However, there is a high probability of obtaining estimates out of the parametric range,specially for high values of this proportion. Nevertheless, these probabilities can be reduced by increasing the number of replications and/or environments where the progenies are evaluated.

§    KEYWORDS: QTL, QTL’s x environment, Marker assisted selection, variance components.


[1] 1Faculdade de Matem´atica, Universidade Federal de Uberlˆandia, CEP 38408-902, Uberlˆandia - MG, Brasil

2Departamento de Gen´etica, Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queir´oz, Universidade de S˜ao Paulo, CEP 13418-900, Piracicaba, SP, Brasil