Exponential Stability for Semigroup Associated
with aLinear Viscoelastic Equation by a
Locally Distributed Damping

Carlos Alberto Raposo da CUNHA1

Adélia Conceião DINIZ[1]

§    ABSTRACT: In this study we are concerned about the exponential stability of the semigroup associated with a linear viscoelastic wave equation with a locally distributed damping. We will use the method developed by LIU and ZHENG (1999). This method is very different from some others in the literature, such as the traditional energy method, see Rivera (1992), Kormonik's method, see Kormonik and Zuazua (1990) and Nakao's method, see Nakao (1986).

§    KEYWORDS: Exponential decay; dissipative system; linear system; locally distributed damping.


[1]Departamento de Matemática, Estatística e Ciências da Computação, Universidade Federal de São João Del-Rei - UFSJ, CEP 36.307-356, São João Del-Rei, MG, Brasil. E-mail: raposo@ufsj.edu.br / adelia@ufsj.edu.br.