Soccer team’s performance analysis in Brazilian championship from a normal distribution

Alysson Ramos ARTUSO [1]

§    Abstract: Sports had always fascinated humanity, in this context, soccer was taken as a study source. The objective of this paper is formulate a model to estimate necessary scores to get some position at the final ranking of the Brazilian National Soccer Championship, Division A and Division B. The data from old championship was used to prove that the performance’s team obeys a normal (Gaussian) distribution of probabilities and can be used as a parameter to define objectives form each team before beginning the competitions. The model is also valid, with some limitations for Brazilian championships that was disputed with different rules or different point systems and it appears efficient when tested in a sample with ten European’s football championship. Applications of the presented reasoning are possible in other championships around the world and also in other sports with similar dispute system.

§    KeywordS: Soccer; football; performance; normal distribution.

[1] Departamento de Engenharia da Produção, Mecânica e Ambiental, Centro Universitário Franciscano – UNIFAE, Curitiba, PR, Brasil. E-mail: