Promoting the development and application of statistical and data science methods to biological sciences. The general objective of the journal is to publish original research papers that explore, promote and extend statistical, mathematical and data science methods in applied biological sciences.

Brazilian Journal of Biometrics is the official journal of the Brazilian Region of the International Biometric Society (RBras).

Vol. 40 No. 4 (2022): 40th Anniversary of the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics

Published: 31-12-2022

40th Anniversary of the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics

Paulo Canas Rodrigues, Tales Jesus Fernandes, João Domingos Scalon, Euclides Braga Malheiros

Marginal logistic regression with a cure fraction in a cluster design: An application in dental traumatology

Enrico Antônio Colosimo, Eduardo Fernandes e Silva, Juliana Vilela Bastos


Bayesian estimation of nonlinear models parameters in the description of growth coffee fruits

Tales Jesus Fernandes, Adriele Aparecida Pereira, Julio Silvio de Sousa Bueno Filho, Joel Augusto Muniz


Using the Box-Cox family of distributions to model censored data:a distributional regression approach

Luiz R. Nakamura, Thiago G. Ramires, Ana J. Righetto, Viviane C. Silva, Andréa C. Konrath


Diabetes diagnosis based on hard and soft voting classifiers combining statistical learning models

Gustavo Peixoto de Oliveira, Anderson Fonseca, Paulo Canas Rodrigues


Statistical characterization of spatial and size distributions of particles in composite materials used in the manufacturing of biomedical instruments

João Domingos Scalon, Victor Ferreira da Silva, Wélson Antônio de Oliveira, Mateus Santos Peixoto


Explanatory factors for the rapid decline in fertility in the Brazilian Semi-arid region

Everlane Suane de Araújo da Silva, Neir Antunes Paes, Arthur Antônio Farias de Barros e Silva


Increasing the flexibility of mixed models by using fractional polynomials

Edijane Paredes Garcia, Luzia Aparecida Trinca


Overdispersion Models for Clustered Toxicological Data in a Bioassay of Entomopathogenic Fungus

Silvia Maria de Feitas, Lida Fallah, Clarice G. B. Demétrio, John P. Hinde


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