The Brazilian Journal of Biometrics (BJB) is a scientific journal published quarterly by the Publisher of the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA). As the official journal of the Brazilian Region of the International Biometric Society, BJB serves as a platform for the dissemination of original research papers that explore, promote, and extend statistical, mathematical, and data science methods in applied biological sciences.

With a focus on fostering collaboration between statisticians and scientists, BJB welcomes submissions from diverse fields within biology, including agriculture, animal sciences, ecology, forestry, food science, genetics, plant breeding, livestock, medicine, public health, soil science, veterinary science, and wood science, among others. The journal serves as a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners who utilize statistical methods to address key challenges and advance knowledge in these fields.

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Promoting the development and application of statistical and data science methods to biological sciences; Disseminate information and knowledge generated by the scientific community; Publish research results involving scientific ideas and new proposals.

Review process

The review process for the manuscript follows a double-blind approach, ensuring anonymity for both the authors and reviewers. The editor-in-chief appoints a section editor who selects at least two reviewers with expertise in the field. The review consists of the assessment of the scientific quality of the manuscript. Reviewers are instructed to evaluate the manuscript for scientific rigor, clarity, and relevance. Reproducibility is emphasized, and reviewers verify that results can be replicated before recommending conditional acceptance. This rigorous double-blind review process maintains the integrity and quality of the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics' publications.

The editors will evaluate the manuscripts using the CrossCheck system as soon as they are submitted. Firstly, the textual content of the scientific articles will be assessed, looking for plagiarism, duplicate submissions, already published manuscripts and possible research fraud;

The referees are allotted a period of 21 calendar days from the acceptance of the review invitation to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the article. The editor may exercise discretion to extend this period, but any extension granted will not exceed an additional 21 calendar days. This timeframe ensures that the referees have sufficient time to conduct a thorough analysis and provide valuable feedback on the article. It also allows for efficient editorial decision-making while maintaining the rigor and quality of the review process.

Types of papers

The Brazilian Journal of Biometrics (BJB) accepts various types of papers that contribute to the advancement of statistical and data science methods in applied biological sciences. The following are the types of papers considered for publication:

  • Research Articles: These are original research papers that present novel findings, methodologies, or advancements in statistical and data science methods applied to biological sciences. Research articles should include clear objectives, rigorous data analysis, and insightful interpretation of results.
  • Review Articles: Review articles provide comprehensive and critical evaluations of existing literature on specific topics within the scope of biometrics. They summarize current knowledge, identify gaps, and propose future research directions. Review articles offer valuable insights and guidance for researchers and practitioners in the field.
  • Software Articles: BJB welcomes articles introducing new statistical software or significant updates to existing software that facilitate data analysis and modeling in biological sciences. Software articles should include detailed descriptions of the software functionalities, user guides, and examples of its application.

Authors are encouraged to consult the journal's submission guidelines for specific formatting and requirements for each type of paper. By accepting diverse types of papers, BJB aims to foster a broad range of scientific contributions and promote interdisciplinary collaboration within the field of biometrics.


The Brazilian Journal of Biometrics (BJB) is committed to open-access publishing and the dissemination of scientific knowledge without imposing copyright restrictions on authors or readers. BJB applies the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) to all published articles. This means that authors retain ownership of the copyright for their work while granting others the right to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and copy the articles as long as the original authors and source are properly credited. This open license promotes the free and open availability of original works and encourages collaboration and innovation within the scientific community.


BJB operates on an open-access and non-APC model, which means that authors are not required to pay any fees for the publication of their articles. The journal aims to promote open access to scientific knowledge without imposing financial burdens on authors. By waiving the APC, BJB ensures that authors can freely disseminate their research findings and encourages the broad accessibility of published articles to researchers, practitioners, and the public. The commitment to a no-APC policy reflects the journal's dedication to fostering academic exchange, supporting authors, and advancing scientific progress in the field of biometrics.

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